Ratings Guide

In house ratings on this site range from zero to four stars. It’s modeled after the New York Times rating scale of good to excellent. I’ve always found a scale of good to excellent humorous, but over time I’ve come to see the benefits. It weeds out everything that isn’t good and lumps the rest in a completely separate category.

0 Stars – The place ranged from bad to ordinary. You’re probably not going here out of any other reason than convenience.

1 Star – The place was good. This is a place that you would return to. The food here is good and your meal was enjoyable.

2 Stars – The place was very good. The food here was a real step above and it’s a place you’d want to return to often.

3 Stars – The place was great. The food was exceptional, but just falls short of that little something. Perhaps it wasn’t quite inventive enough, or there was one dish that didn’t work quite as well as you had hoped. The service must be good too.

4 Stars – The place was excellent. This is reserved for the highest caliber of restaurant where each bite hits all the right notes. Where flavors, texture and wonderful service brings the meal to the level of a true artform.

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